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What is Sateen Bedding?

Posted on September 08 2021

What is Sateen Bedding?

From the outside of a plastic package, there isn’t much difference between most types of bedding – but there certainly is on the inside. And we’re not just talking about quality levels either; there are differences that comes down to personal preference too. One of those personal preference choices is between sateen and percale cotton weaves.

Both percale and sateen can come in 100% cotton, 100% Egyptian cotton, and really any other type of thread. The difference is in the weave – and it can be quite a dramatic difference in the look, feel, and other traits of the finished bedding.

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What is Sateen Cotton?

Sateen refers to the weave pattern of one thread under, three threads over. This is a modification on the one under, one over pattern of percale.

How does Sateen Cotton feel like?

The practice of going three threads over creates more flat areas on the finished product, at the almost microscopic level. This produces a shine and smooth feel to the sheets, to the point that they are often mistaken for silk by many shoppers. Sateen also feels a bit heavier than percale and feels warmer against the skin. And one special perk of these traits? It is naturally wrinkle resistant.

What is sateen made of?

The same cotton raw materials and yarns are used to create sateen weaves and percale weaves – the same machinery can even be used. The only difference is the pattern in which they are woven together.

Should I choose sateen bedding?

Sateen sheets seem to be one of those ‘love them or hate them’ products. Some people try them and can never go back to percale weaves, while others find sateen too smooth or heavy for comfort. If you like the feel of silk on your body, and a heavier weight of bedding, then you’ll likely love sateen. It is especially popular among people who tend to feel colder when they sleep.

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Percale vs Sateen

The alternative to sateen is what most people are more familiar with: percale.

Percale is not shiny, and tends to wrinkle more easily as it is a slightly lighter material. Because the weave is one over, one under, there is slightly more roughness to the texture (even though it can be very soft), and light does not reflect from it in as uniform a way – that’s why it isn’t shiny.

There is no difference between percale and sateen with regard to quality – there are lower end and higher end sheets available in either weave, and in a variety of cottons and cotton blends.

The only real difference is the appearance and feel, which comes down to personal preference.

Learn more about percale bedding here, or shop them online here.

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Why Choose Beddable Sateen Sheets?

We have spent countless hours perfecting our sheets, understanding thread count and materials, in order to bring you our luxury sateen bedding, that's lightweight, breathable, cosy, and made with high-quality cotton. They are 100% cotton, with a 400 thread count. They also look and feel luxurious.

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How to Shop for New Bedding

Most people spend about a third of their lives in bed. Since bedding can have a huge impact on how well we sleep, it makes sense to invest a little into finding and purchasing the right sheets for you and your individual preferences. Understanding thread counts, cotton types, weaves and other features and even marketing techniques – this can be daunting! But don’t worry, here are a few tips to guide you along the way.

Thread count – Thread count is the number of threads that cross a square inch of the fabric. Because bedding often looks the same in packaging, marketers began using thread count as a way to indicate differences in quality between the various sheets. Higher thread count can be, but isn’t always, an indicator of higher quality. The quality of the thread used is a more important factor. is the home of luxury bedding, including bedding sets, duvet covers, bed sheets, pillowcases, pillows, duvets, and bedspreads. Our sizes include double bed, king size, and super king size

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