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Towel Care Guide

luxury terry towel care guide

Our luxury towels are woven from 100% Turkish cotton with 600 GSM. By following our recommended care guide, you can keep your towels soft and plush for years to come. Remember, cleaning products, toiletries and toothpaste can all bleach or stain your towels, so it is best to avoid contact with these.

Cotton is highly durable and easy to care for fabric. All of our products are made from natural fibres. That means that they’re durable and machine-washable.

Following are some tips on how to show your towels some love.

Machine Wash at 40°C, with Similar Colors

Tumble Dry at max 60°C

Ironing not recommended

Do Not Bleach, Do Not Dry-Clean

how often to wash towels

Washing Towels

We advise shaking the towels before and after washing. This opens up the fibres and allows the detergent to sink in pre-wash, and speeds up the drying process post-wash.

We suggest that you wash your towels on a low heat (up to 40 degrees). Alongside a natural, non-bleach detergent, this prevents damage and prolongs the life of your towels. Use fabric conditioners sparingly and not in every wash as they have a tendency to reduce absorbency. Avoid using fabric conditioners in the first few washes.

wash luxury terry towels with similar colours

Washing With Colours

Ideally, you should wash your towels with similar colours, or on their own, to prevent the colours from running and ruining your chosen beddable shade. If you are washing your towels with other colours, use a colour catcher to avoid contamination. Please note that colour catchers do not 100% guarantee prevention, it is always best to wash colours on their own.

tumble dry towels in tumble dryer


When it comes to the final touches, we recommend keeping it simple. If you like keeping your towels super soft, it is most effective to tumble dry for maximum fluffiness. When tumble drying, be careful not to ‘over dry’. Remember you can always line dry too, depending on how you like your towels to feel.

extra care tips for luxury towels

Bonus Tips

To prevent snags, wash the towels separately from garments with zips or trims. In the event of pulls or snags, snip them off with a pair of scissors. It is perfectly normal for towels with a high GSM of 600, to be prone to this, as the fabric is very dense.

To keep towels fresh, we recommend hanging them to dry between uses to prevent them from becoming damp. Don’t forget to wash your towels once a week to remove germs and keep them in good condition.