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Percale or Sateen

Posted on August 10 2018

Percale or Sateen

How to Choose Between Percale and Sateen Bedding

Nothing will ruin your day faster than a bad night’s sleep. And the easiest way to guarantee a bad night’s sleep is to sleep on bed sheets that are hot, itchy and uncomfortable.

Luckily, there’s no need to settle for sub standard bedding: Buying new bedding that you love will completely revolutionise your life. When it comes to softness and quality, the best cotton sheets are either made of Percale or Sateen. But which is right for you? Here’s our quick guide to choosing between percale and sateen bedding: 

Why Choose Percale Bedding

If you’re looking for bed sheets that are durable and will only get better with age, then percale sheets are the perfect choice. Whilst they start their life feeling fresh and crisp, these thick and luxurious sheets only get softer and smoother the more you use them. If you’re budget-conscious and looking for bedding that you won’t need to replace regularly, percale is our pick.

Percale sheets are naturally breathable, making them the ideal choice during the hot summer months, or if you like to sleep with the heating on when its cold outside. If your bedroom is cold though, you may find you need to use an additional blanket to conserve the heat in your percale duvet cover during the winter. 

Why Choose Sateen Bedding

Sateen sheets are silky and luxurious. They help to preserve your body heat, and have been proven to be the most comfortable and effective sheets for individuals suffering from eczema and other skin complaints. Sateen doesn’t retain moisture, so choosing a sateen pillowcase will leave your hair looking silky and smooth in the morning, even if you fall asleep whilst it’s still damp; a great choice for the style-conscious.


comparison of percale and sateen textures on navy pillowcase

Percale vs. Sateen

Percale and sateen have different textures.
Sateen on left has a luminous shine whereas
Percale on right has a matte look.

What is the Difference Between Percale and Sateen?

Percale and sateen are both types of high quality, durable cotton, with the main difference between the two being in how the fabrics are woven. Percale utilises a traditional and relatively simplistic one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave. This lends the bed sheets a matte finish and a crisp, cool feel that is perfect for warm climates or the hot summer months. It’s simple weave means that the feel and texture of a percale duvet cover will only get better after each wash. What’s more, percale is incredibly durable, meaning that you won’t have to replace it in six months’ time because it has become bobbled or faded.

Sateen is more fragile than percale, offering a silky and more luxurious feel. The weave of this fabric is woven using a one yarn under and three yarn over technique. This exposes more thread to the surface of the duvet cover or pillow case, meaning that you’ll rest your head on a bed with a softer sheen. Sateen is naturally resistant to wrinkles (ideal for shoppers who are naturally resistant to ironing) and of a heavier weight than percale, meaning that if you choose a sateen sheet then you can comfortably use it all year round.

Matter of Personal Preference

Knowledge is power. Now that you’re better informed about the differences between percale and sateen, you’re in a better position to choose the sheets that will suit your bed, and your lifestyle. Whatever you’re looking for, the good news is that at beddable you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality sheets, perfect for revolutionising the look and feel of your bed, as well as the quality of your sleep. Remember, it’s your bed so it’s your choice!