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Bedding Care Guide

luxury cotton bedding care guide

Your luxury beddable bedding are woven from premium cotton and with proper care they’ll last you for years.

Cotton is a versatile, easy-care fabric. All of our products are made from natural fibres. That means they’re durable and machine-washable.

Following are some tips on how to show your sheets some love.

Machine Wash at 40°C, with Similar Colors

Line Dry or Tumble Dry at max 60°C

Iron at Medium Heat

Do Not Bleach, Do Not Dry-Clean

how often to wash bedding

How often to wash cotton bedding?

Even the purest of us leave behind a little perspiration when we sleep. Cotton helps keep our body temperature regulated at night by wicking away moisture and heat.

We recommend washing our sheets once a week to keep them fresh and bacteria-free. They can go straight in the machine at the usual 40 degrees. To increase their longevity, always follow the care instructions inside each item.

how to wash luxury cotton bedding

Washing Bedding

Sheets like lots of room to get clean, so don’t stuff too much into one load. Your washing machine will thank you too.

Wash sheets separately when you can to prevent other items from getting balled up in them. If you do wash other items with sheets, try to ensure they’re lightweight and similar in colour.

Avoid washing darker sheets above 40°C to keep their colour vibrant. As with any cotton products, don’t use bleach, which can weaken the fabric and cause discolouration.

Turn your duvet cover and pillowcases inside out before washing. This will ensure the colour to remain vibrant for a longer period. You will also prevent the outside getting damaged on anything that might have slipped into the machine.

how to dry cotton bedding

Drying Bedding

Line-drying is the best way to keep cotton sheets as fresh as possible, but they’re just as happy in a tumble dryer on a medium heat.

To help them dry evenly in a the dryer, try tossing in a dryer ball, or use a tennis ball tied in a cotton sock.

To remove creases, take them from the dryer just before the end of the cycle when they’re still a little damp, shake them out and hang them.

how to iron cotton bedding

Ironing Bedding

We like the relaxed slightly creased look for our sheets, but if you love that five-star hotel look, you might want to iron your sheets. Do so while they’re still slightly damp, which loosens the fabric and helps remove wrinkles. Use a well-padded ironing board. And don’t forget the pillow cases!

where to store cotton bedding


Keep your sheets in a dark, cool and dry space. Protect them from dust with the fabric bag we provided. That’ll also keep your whites whiter than white. Avoid storing them in plastic containers, which can trap in moisture.