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What is Percale Cotton Bedding?

Posted on July 26 2021

What is Percale Cotton Bedding?

The bedding industry protects its customers by usually packing any bedding products in sealed plastic packaging. The problem with that is it can be difficult to know what it is you’re buying, what the sheets themselves will feel like. Even if you can get into the packaging, the way a sheet feels when it is new, and machine-folded into a tight space, can be quite different from the way it will feel on your bed, especially after it has been washed in your laundry machines. But is there anything the consumer can do about this? Yes, and it starts with learning about cotton terms and their meanings.

Types of Cotton

This knowledge starts with the type of cotton weave used to make the sheets. The style of weave has a huge effect on how the finished product will feel on your bed against your skin. It also affects the way your sheets look, as the light bounces off of it differently. Most of all, the weave affects the quality of your sleep, and that is worth getting the right one for you.

All beddable bedding is made from 100% cotton.

The two main types to choose from include percale cotton, and sateen cotton. There is a lot of difference between these two, so let’s get into the details, starting with percale cotton.

What is Percale Cotton?

Percale weave uses a traditional pattern, with the threads criss-crossing, one over and one under. This is what we usually think of when we think of weaving for sheets.

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What Does Percale Cotton Feel Like?

Because the weave follows the over-under patterns, the finish is smooth and flat, crisp and cool to the touch, and appears matt in the light, rather than shiny. High -quality percale sheets – yes, keep in mind that even within each category there are other factors that change the quality level – will use fine yarns and long staple cotton fibres. At beddable, we also ensure our sheets are 400 thread-count. This increases the comfortable feel of the sheet and keep it feeling breathable. Higher thread counts, or sheets made using short staple cotton, will feel denser and heavier, if that is your preference.

What Does Percale Mean?

All percale means is that the weave pattern is one over, one under, in a criss-cross pattern. This is the warp and weft style that has been used for thousands of years and remains one of the best patterns. If you like a crisp, cool feel to your sheets, this is the one to choose.

Will Percale Suit Me?

Boutique hotels use this kind of sheet, so that should give you a good frame of reference. They tend to feel great to the touch, cool when you slide into the bed, and will keep you cool while sleeping. The added benefit of these sheets for those who tend to ‘sleep hot,’ is that they are not only breathable, they also feel great against the skin if you strip off your clothing to keep cooler too.

100% premium cotton bedding

Better Sheets, Better Sleep

beddable sheets are made from 100% Cotton.
Cotton absorbs perspiration and regulates
the body temperature for uninterrupted sleep.

Percale vs Sateen Sheets

We mentioned that we would be going over both major types of sheets, so let’s take a look now at the other big alternative: the sateen cotton sheet.

Sateen cotton is named for the sateen weave, which is similar to the one-over, one-under weave of percale, but is instead one over, and three under.

The result of this is a silky hand feel, a lot of softness, and more initial sheen, though this fades some over time. Sometimes sateen sheets are even mistaken for silk, as some of the attributes are similar. Sateen is, however, 100% cotton. The drape of sateen sheets is heavier than that of percale, and the sheets feel a bit warmer to the touch, so they are better for those sleepers who tend to get colder at night.

The decision to go with percale or sateen comes down mainly to preference, as each one is about the same price as the other at a given quality level.

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Why Choose Percale Sheets?

Most people choose the percale sheets, as they don’t have a noticeable feature that tends to put people off. Sateen sheets, on the other hand, are shinier, and people tend to love the sine, or hate it. Hotels therefore generally go with percale sheets so as not to alienate those who dislike the shine. Sateen sheets do however have a very luxuriant feel and a slightly heavier drape which feels very opulent.

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