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14 Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas

Posted on September 08 2021

14 Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas

The commute to and from work, in the rain and wind, is the perfect preamble to getting home to a cosy, welcoming bedroom. Wait… not a workday? Even better! Sleep late, snuggle in, and enjoy a few deeply comfortable hours in the bedroom you created using these simple guidelines.

1. Add a Luxurious Rug

Wooden floors can look great, but if you really want to elevate the level of comfort and style, the right rug can make all the difference. It insulates against cold against your feet, looks warmer, and even absorbs sound to make a room sound cosier. Echoes can make a room seem stark and empty, while the same room with a rug in it will feel much more inviting.

2. Add Cosy Luxury Bedding

It is worth spending a little extra to have the bedding you really love. Better bedding will last longer, give you a better sleep, and look great even after many months or even years of use. Keep your eyes open and you might even find a great deal on high-quality bedding, so it needn’t break the bank. Always choose 100% cotton bedding, for a better night's sleep.

You can shop cosy winter style bedding sets here.

3. Get Your Winter Duvet Out

It might be time to take that this summer duvet and roll it into its storage bag for the year. Out comes the thicker and heavier winter version. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a synthetic or natural filling for your duvet; there are excellent versions of each. It comes down to personal preference. A duvet with a Tog rating of around 10.5 is great for the cooler months of the year. The higher the Tog rating, the warmer the duvet, so match the best one to the way you sleep, and comfort is just a bedtime away.

Choose a natural filling, such as this goose feather and down duvet, coated with 233 thread-count cotton to make it extra soft.

4. Use an Electric Blanket

If you’re a colder sleeper, and you need an extra boost of super-cosy heat in the night, consider an electric blanket. These amazing devices will generate a layer of warmth above you while you sleep, and keep you warm throughout the night. For a welcoming warmth right from the time you crawl in, turn it on ten or fifteen minutes before you go to bed.

Don’t worry about being environmentally friendly either; the extra power you use on an electric blanket means that the central heating can be lower, working out to an overall savings of energy… and that’s just one more thing to be comfortable about.

5. Add Throws or Blankets

Blankets can insulate you on extra-cold nights, they can go with you when you shuffle out of bed on the morning of a day off, and they are an excellent way to make a room look great. You can even change them out if you want variety of colour in the room throughout the year.

Storing your thicker ones through the summer, then bringing them out in the autumn, will give you an early Christmas present as you unwrap that cosy blanket from last year.

6. Use a Mattress Topper

A mattress is one of the largest purchases you will make – if you buy a really good one. Sure, a house is more, a car is more, and you may own a boat… but those things aside, invest in a good mattress and it will pay you back every night of long, deep, blissful sleep. But if you already have a mattress, and want to upgrade it for a low price? There is a trick to help you out! A mattress topper will insulate you from any bumps or irregularities in your mattress, and they come in a wide variety of thicknesses, construction materials, and price points. It’s like adding a mini-mattress to the top of your current one!

7. Light Candles

A good candle not only gives that point of soothing light, it can also fill the room or house with a beloved scent. Far northern countries are famous for keeping a candle going on the long winter nights, and you can do the same. Try scents like balsam, fir, vanilla, and dark, woody fragrances.

8. Add Cosy Lighting

Bright lights trigger us to be awake. When the natural dimness of evening comes in, our bodies naturally begin to move toward a sleeping stage. If we over-light our homes in the evening, we can block that process – and block the great sleep we might otherwise be having!

Keep the brighter, overhead lights off in the evening, and instead use a soft, dimmer bedside lamp. If you have a dimmable main light, that can work too, but something lower is better.

9. Choose Calming Curtains/Blinds

The best sleep comes from a very dark room. Bare windows can let in light from neighbours, passing aircraft, and even a bright moon! The right curtains are key.

If you have a large window, avoid large, bold patterns on your curtains, or they will overpower the room when drawn. Smaller patterns and natural colours (including some unexpected ones, like purples and pinks) can work very well.

10. Stick to Calming Colours and Materials

Bold graphic patterns can look great in kitchens and great rooms, but when it comes to bedrooms, something more calming and natural is more conducive to a cosy feel and a good night’s sleep.

Avoid clutter – including chunky patterns on walls and bedding. Smaller, intimate patterns in natural colours and textures work best in bedrooms. Wood and stone textures are great choices, especially when matched with rich, deep textures on pillows and bedding. Faux-fur throws, knit blankets, and other soft elements will create the counterpoint to the stone and wood and the final result will be cosy, will look great, and will be very inviting for sleep.

11. Tech-Free Zone

This is a tough one for many people, but shielding yourself from the screen and interruptions of your tech devices is key to a good night’s sleep. You can make your bedroom a tech-free zone, or you can simply use apps and settings that block out alerts during certain hours of the night.

If you simply can’t leave your device behind, set it on night mode, to prevent looking at bright lighting, and avoid content that will stir you up… it’s a time for calming the mind and body before sleep. Some apps can even help this process, but try to have it all set up before bedtime, so you don’t interact with the device’s display too much.

12. Minimalism, but better

Having your belongings displayed around you can be satisfying, at least initially, but having too many things can cause clutter, and clutter prevents you from seeing those items – and that style – that is the most meaningful to you. By minimising the number of items in a room, and sometimes holding back a little on ‘big and bold’ prints and styles, you can actually highlight what matters most to you.

Choose a few key items to draw the eye and make a statement about your personal style for that room. This can be done with a cute nightstand, vanity, a statement bedframe, or even a unique style of light fixture. A couple of hand-picked items like this, and your style will be crystal clear.

13. Keep Base Colours Dark

A deep, dark base colour for your rooms will make them even more cosy and chic. Add to that a few pops of colour with artwork, cushions, and other accents to create a beautiful décor that can easily be changed with the seasons.

14. Add Natural Colour with Flowers

Floral patterns come in a wide range of styles, from the high impact of bold and vibrant colours to the soothing pastels and muted tones of autumn. For greatest effect, bring in some real flowers to accent your room’s colours and add a pleasant scent.

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