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Towel Buying Guide

cotton is the best fabric for luxury towels

What to look for when buying towels?

Towels are undoubtedly a household staple. However, they are usually a second thought until you are left soaking fresh out of the shower. That is the moment when you desire a soft, plush and warm towel to wrap yourself in.

Towels are more than just a piece of material to dry off with. They can also add an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, helping to tie the whole room together. With this in mind, we have collated a few key considerations for you to factor into your decision making process for selecting towels. Shop towels.

terry cotton towels are extremely soft


Towels made from terry cotton are highly soft as their yarn is smooth and silky. Look out for towels made from Turkish or Egyptian cotton. The type of cotton grown in this region has extra long fibers. Using longer fibre cotton in spinning yarn leads to fewer joins, resulting in even softer and smoother towels.

It goes without saying, that towels often feel softer when first bought than after a few washes. Some manufacturers coat towels with a fabric softening finish so it feels soft to touch, but it wears off very quickly. Make sure towels you purchase are made of untreated, natural cotton.

higher GSM towels have better water absorbance


The thickness is usually a good indicator of absorbance. Thick towels are generally more absorbent compared to thinner ones. The GSM (grams per square inch) is commonly used to indicate the density of fibres the towel is composed of. Higher GSM implies a denser, thicker towel. You can find towels ranging between 300 - 900 GSM, however, luxury towels are usually above 500 GSM.

We found that 600 GSM towels provide the best absorbance while still being lightweight.

cotton towels are very durable


Towels made of 100% cotton are strong and durable. Cotton/polyester mix or microfibre towels may also be durable, but they are less absorbent than all-cotton towels.

Beddable does not recommend microfibre towels as they are harmful to the environment. They are often made from contaminating micro plastics, which detach over time and eventually end in our oceans, harming our planet.

towel sizes


While perhaps not the most important consideration, you should always check the size of bath towels prior to purchasing. There are few things worse than bringing your towels home and having the realisation that they’ll barely wrap around you! With this in mind, the standard bath towels measurement is 65 to 75 cm wide and 130 to 145 cm long. Towels that are smaller are often ideal for children, they likely won’t suffice for larger adults. Take this into consideration, particularly if you’re shopping online and cannot see the towel in physically prior to purchasing.

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