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Grey Bedroom Style Ideas

Posted on September 08 2021


You don’t have to look far back into magazines and fashion photos to realise that grey bedroom simply did not happen – everything was beige and brown. People even thought grey in a bedroom would make it feel like a cave! Not so today. Grey has become a hot new neutral bedroom fashion that lends itself to quick and easy changes of accents, while supporting a chic and modern look. Brought to you by, the home of luxury bedding in the UK.

Which Colours go with a Grey Room?

Add Green for Peaceful Tones

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Green is another winner with a grey background. For a cool and fresh feel, like moss on stone, green will add life and wellbeing to the solid foundation of grey. Combine this with white to really make it pop. The goal is the fine balance of tranquillity and excitement, all with a sense of sophistication and intention.

Add Blue

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Grey and blue look great together but they tend to need a little help – that’s where the whimsey comes in. Add some polka dots, dramatic stripes, or other bold patterns to raise the level of motion and interest. Interesting accent pieces also add drama and charm this palette.

Crisp White Contrast

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For a classic look that evokes feelings of peace and cleanliness, grey and white make an excellent pairing. Use caution though, these neutrals can appear stark and washed out if not done well. Help comes in the form of patterns and interesting pieces to bring some drama to the room. You can add these to curtains, rugs, bedding and artwork.

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Hot Contrast with Red

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Red is among the top colours for dramatic effect on a grey background. A single frame, pillow cover, or throw rug is enough to show off the power of this vibrant colour. Don’t overdo the accent colours though – a varying palette of greys with a few colours is a far more effective technique than too many splashes of colour. After all, we don’t want a red room with grey accents, but the other way around.

Bright Oranges

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If you have a dark room that needs some help, consider bringing in some orange. Mimicking sunset or sunrise lighting – perfect for a dimmer room – orange can bring a sense of warmth and appeal to what otherwise might become a depressing, cave-like room. Add it to some grey to set it off. It will bring in the cheerfulness of yellow, but with a deeper, more calming effect.

Different Shades of Grey

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The key to working with several shades and tints of the same colour is to work with various textures too. Even the same shade, in a different texture, can create a sophisticated and understated elegance to a room. Add in a few more shades and you’ll actually feel the wealth of what you have to work with. A few small and colourful accents, and the whole room will come alive.

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Purple (use sparingly)

Purple can be a very overpowering colour, but done right, it can also be a very pleasing and sophisticated one. The key to using purple is to use it sparingly… even subtly. Avoid using purple as the base colour for a room, unless you are going for an all-out, dramatic ‘wow factor,’ like Golden Age Hollywood. Otherwise, choose a neutral colour for the bulk of the room and set it off with flares and splashes of purple in strategic places.

Brighten it with Yellow

Grey is naturally formal, reserved, and predictable… So why not pair it with a little bright and cheerful yellow? These two can work together to great effect. Choose yellow for an accent wall, duvet cover, or even picture frames, and your grey walls will beam like a Madison Avenue gent with a beautiful woman on his arm.

Pink Tones

A formal room can look a bit stark in grey but add in a few touches of pink and it will spark to joyful life. Pink isn’t the domain of little girls’ rooms, and it isn’t even a specifically female colour; pink can be sophisticated, charming, and make itself at home in almost any setting – if it’s done right.

Bedroom Style Tips for a Grey Room

Grey Contrasts Bright Original Features

Original features, like skirting, window frames and door frames, and even fixture mounts, look great in white with a surrounding surface of grey. Add to these some colourful bedding in orange and pink, and you might not know why you love it – but you will love it.

Blue Accessories

Denim blues alongside grey can give a feeling of calm, reliable steadfastness. Over this, add some less formal effects, like throw cushions, terracotta pots, bright plants, and whimsical design tricks. One great trick is to paint the inside of a shelving unit with a bright colour, leaving the outside in a more traditional brown or grey.

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High End Hotel Look with Charcoal Greys

Great hotels are known for great style, and a charcoal velvet headboard paired with a grey cabinet in a great foundation for the vibe of a high-end hotel. Use texture by adding luxurious throws on the bed or over a chair, and play with tones of coffee or caramel. Add some brass in small amounts to flash a bit of sparkle here and there. These layers will each bring a hit of opulence and style to the room. It might take some playing around to get it balanced and working, but the final result will be a knockout.

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Double Up with Grey Flooring

Slate grey flooring is a great fit with grey walls too. Whether you prefer carpet, tile or wood doesn’t matter either; it’s the colour we’re after. Paler walls and darker floors will give a feeling of sturdiness and grounding, and you can play with the accents to add whimsey, sophistication, and your personal style.

Black and White

If the look you’re building isn’t quite working yet, play with black and white prints, in neutral frames or something a bit more daring. Monochrome bed linens can also anchor a room and draw the eye to the accents and decorations around them.

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Light Grey Instead of White

White bedrooms can be stark and washed out, but a light grey can elevate the look to a chic level of sophistication. Light grey will also make coloured accents and frames pop to the eye, adding excitement and interest to the room as a whole.

Blend Doors with Walls

Painting doors the same colour as the wall can make the door blend seamlessly into the background, giving a greater sense of size to a wall and openness to a room. For something a bit more dramatic, paint the door like the walls, but carry on a brighter hue from the skirting, up over the door frame too, especially if it matches with crown moulding or other historical features. The result will be to highlight these traditional and historical features, but in a modern, chic way.

Darker Grey Tones

Choosing a darker grey tone is a great way to set off bold, graphic patterns on wallpaper, rugs or bedding. Consider chevrons, stripes, polka dots, or irregular lines. A solid, upholstered headboard can bring a sense of calm and peace to a bed in the midst of a boldly patterned room. Add a few hints of pink, or another favourite colour, and you’ll smile every time you look at your new creation.

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Patterns and Textures

If you are looking to create a calm space, using patterns of different shades of grey can have a profound effect on a room. The alternating textures in a single colour gives a sense of depth, interest, and solidity at the same time, inviting you into a safe place to rest, sleep, and recharge for the following day.

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Grey Wood Wallpaper

If you have a favourite trend, look for ways to include grey in your own manifestation of it. Birch-wood wallpaper in grey looks great, and add it to a few choice accent pieces and the total effect is complete.

Panelled Walls

Wood panelling can seem old and dated, but there are ways to turn it into a chic, sophisticated look that screams great, modern style. Paint panelling in tones of grey and let the wood provide the textures. You can turn an aging manor look into a showcase for modern art, a coastal getaway, or central London café vibe… whatever you want. After all, this is your domain – you are in control.

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