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Wrap up for winter: how to dress your bed for the season

Posted on November 10 2021

acorn brown and beige washed cotton winter bedding

When the cold weather comes knocking, we may find ourselves snuggling that little bit deeper into our duvets. There’s no doubt we can feel the temperatures dropping. As early-morning frost makes getting out of bed all that more difficult, it may be time to change our bedding for the season. Just like many of us swap out our summer wardrobe for thicker knits and winter coats, wrapping up for the winter should also involve dressing your bed in denser duvets and warmer fabrics. Plus, you’ll save on your energy bill. Like putting on an extra jumper or pair of socks and turning down the thermostat is a go-to money saver, why not add an additional layer to your bed? As CABA reports, reducing your room temperature by just 1℃ could cut heating bills by up to 10%. So get cosy, take control of your heating, and implement a winter bedding swap into your annual routine. 

In fact, switch to warmer sheets with beddable. As advocates for a seasonal bedding change-up, we’re prepared for all your wintertime needs. With a round-up of helpful tips and luxury winter bedding sets, you’re sure to stay snug this season. 

1. Opt for a winter duvet.

Feathers will have you covered. A goose-down duvet is softer, lighter and holds better insulating properties. Designed to shelter you from the cold without compromising on comfort, feather filled duvets are most suited to the colder months and unheated or poorly insulated bedrooms. Constructed of 100% fill power, meaning the duvet does more with less, they provide better insulation without any extra weight. 

Higher the TOG, the warmer you’ll be. While you may notice that quilts with a higher TOG rating tend to be thicker, TOG refers to how effectively a duvet can retain heat. In the coldest months of the year, opt for winter duvet at at-least 10.5 TOG. Our all-season duvet, with a higher TOG value will provide the extra insulation on those cold chilly nights.

2.  Dress your bed in 100% washed cotton. 

Plummeting temperatures call for the cosiest fabrics. Soft and snug washed cotton is the best material to keep you warm at night. Going through a special washing process after weaving, it retains a softer feel than untreated cotton. In 100% premium cotton with 400 thread count for durability, Beddable’s washed cotton bedding sets guarantee a cosy night’s sleep. 

Choose winter bedding in warm tones and effortless styles. Since darker shades absorb heat, dressing your bed in deep hues like burgundy, dark green or acorn brown will turn your bed into a warm retreat. Introducing shades of grey to reflect winter frost will equally give your bedroom a wintery update, ready for when the nights draw in. 

3. Layer. 

It may seem simple, but this is where we can often go wrong. By focusing on layering on top of the duvet, the bed can become uncomfortable and heavy. Instead, layering from the bottom-up is conducive to a cosy night’s sleep. The key to creating a warm bed is to trap heat between you and your mattress. 

Start with a mattress topper. This will add an additional layer of comfort whilst creating pockets of insulation. Then cover your usual fitted sheet with an extra flat sheet. In summer, a flat sheet may be a lightweight alternative to your duvet, but when the winter rolls in, doubling-up on covers will act as a barrier to the outside chill. 

Top the sheets off with bedspreads and scatter cushions. A cosy throw blanket, like our waffle bedspreads or alpaca throws, tucked at the foot of the bed will keep your toes toasty and be there as an optional, additional cover on exceptionally cold nights. Not just decorative items, adding rich textures and soft furnishings can help your bedroom feel extra cosy. Our festive herringbone or corduroy cushions offer a snug spot to rest your head. 

Read here how to implement an annual bedding swap in summer too.