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Switch to Summer Bed Sheets to Sleep Better in the Heat

Posted on July 21 2021

white bedding in a light summer bedroom

Full of bright days and relaxed evenings, summer heatwaves in the UK are always enjoyed. Yet, our homes are not so receptive to the heat. Rising temperatures and glaring sun may be welcomed in the day, but by night, overheating bedrooms and night-time sweats are not appreciated. In fact, with just 0.5% of homes and flats containing air con units, recorded in a 2013 Mintel report, the UK is somewhat ill-prepared for approaching heatwaves.

To minimize the effects of the heatwave on your sleep, we suggest implementing a summer bedding swap into your annual routine. 

Just like you may do a ‘spring clean’ at the beginning of the season, declutter in time for back-to-city September routines, or scatter your home with soft, cosy furnishings in the winter, changing with the seasons is nothing new. So why not change your bedding too? 

In fact, switch to summer sheets with Beddable. As advocates for a seasonal bedding change-up, we’re prepared for all your summertime needs. Follow these tips and you’re guaranteed a sweat-free, satisfactory nights sleep during this month’s heatwave: 

  • In the hottest period of the year, opt for our summer duvet at 4.5 TOG. Referring to the degree in which the duvet retains heat, a low 4.5 TOG rating means our duvets have a thin, lightweight feel. 

  • Still, if sleeping underneath your duvet seems like a heat-trap, then discard your quilt all-together. Sleep solely under your flat sheet. Just like sleeping with a top sheet is a long-standing norm for those living in hot climates, our 100% cotton flat sheets are an ideal lightweight layer. We also stock fitted sheets here. All sheets are 400 thread count.

  • Dress your bed in our cotton percale bedding. Crisp, cool and breathable, percale fabrics are a breezy choice for hot sleepers on warm summer nights. Offering great air circulation and natural cooling properties, you’re sure to not overheat. 

  • Since dark tones absorb light and conduct heat, lighter coloured bedding can help create a bright, airy feel to your bedroom. Clean colours in a neutral palette, such as white, sage green or cloud grey will reflect sunlight, proving a great summertime bedding alternative. 

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