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Loungewear Care Guide

luxury bamboo loungewear care guide

We have curated a loungewear collection made from bamboo fabric which is ultra-soft, highly breathable, antibacterial and easy to care for.

To prolong the life of your loungewear, we've simplified what you need to know about looking after your items.

Machine Wash at 30°C, with Similar Colors

Line Dry

Iron at Low Heat

Do Not Bleach, Do Not Dry-Clean

reverse wash your bamboo loungewear

Reverse Wash

We recommend that you wash your loungewear inside out as bamboo knitted fabric, due to its natural fiber structure, is prone to pulling due to its natural fiber structure.

Close all buttons to reduce pulling. Don’t forget to separate light and dark colours, as you would normally do with all laundry.

wash bamboo loungeewear at low temperature

Wash Cold

Wash your loungewear on a cold and short cycle to prevent your loungewear from shrinking and to save energy*.

*Lowering the machine from 40 degrees to 30 degrees will consume up to 60% less energy!

gentle wash bamboo loungewear

Gentle Wash

We recommend washing, not dry cleaning! Use the gentle and shorter cycle to wash your garments. Avoid using detergents with bleach so as to prevent staining or discolouration.

line dry bamboo loungewear

Line Dry

As our loungewear is delicate and made from natural fibers, it is advised that you avoid the dryer if possible. Line-drying is the ultimate option for bamboo fabric. This drying technique cleverly reduces the need for ironing, as hanging the clothes prevents the fabric from abrasion.