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The Mediterranean

Our first limited edition collection. Inspired by the olive groves and pebble stones of the Mediterranean. Made of lightweight washed cotton, as soft and dreamy as a warm breeze. Effortless luxury. Washed cotton is designed to look chic even without ironing. Roll out of bed and enjoy halcyon days.

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Dark Green Bedding Set

From £149.00 - £169.00

Grey Bedding Set

From £149.00 - £169.00

Dark Green Pillowcase Pair

From £30.00 - £40.00

Grey Pillowcase Pair

From £30.00 - £40.00

What is Washed Cotton?

Washed cotton is a special cotton fabric, designed to create a softer feel than untreated cotton. This natural fabric is made from 100% cotton. It goes through a special washing process after weaving. Bedding made from washed cotton is more resistant to creasing and does not need ironing. A unique fabric, it is an effortlessly luxurious alternative to linen. Washed cotton bedding is highly breathable. It shares the moisture wicking ability of cotton, helping to keep sweat and moisture away from your skin on warm summer nights.