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5 Expert Tips on Spring Cleaning your bedroom

Posted on April 05 2022

5 Expert Tips on Spring Cleaning your bedroom

Spring has arrived. There’s never a better time to begin that whole-house clean your home needs. Though getting round to each spot, no matter the size of your house, flat or studio can be a time-consuming task. So work through a room-by-room spring cleaning checklist. At the top of that list? Your bedroom. Often overlooked by a communal living space or kitchen cupboard clear-out, your bedroom should be a place of priority. Several studies suggest we spend around one-third of our lifetime in bed, so it makes sense that our bedroom’s should take the lead in the spring cleaning process. 

Not just washing your bedding though, a deep clean involves everything from decluttering to dusting, and reorganising. To help with knowing where to start, we spoke to cleaning expert at Housekeep, Henry Paterson. As the UK’s leading home cleaning service, they’re a trusted provider for home cleaning. Henry’s personal mantra? ‘A spring clean is all about refreshing your home ahead of the longer and lighter days. It should be super thorough and taken as a chance to tackle odd-jobs too, setting you up for the spring months to come’. Prior to beating the summer heat, follow these tips to spring you into a new bedroom cleaning routine.


1. Start with a deep clean. 

As with any clean, Henry advises you should ‘start high and finish low. Dusting the corners, ceilings and light fixtures in the bedroom using a slightly damp microfiber cloth, before working down to ground level - dusting picture frames, mirrors and shelves before your bedroom table and dresser. If you can do so safely, Henry also suggests ‘moving your furniture to remove anything that has fallen behind. Chests of drawers, beds and bedside tables should all be moved so they can be cleared and vacuumed beneath’. Then, finish the deep clean with 

 a full vacuum of the floors and skirting boards. Mop, if you have hard floors, or use a carpet shampoo to effectively remove stains and restore shine. Additionally, your spring clean is a great excuse to varnish any wooden furniture or touch up any scuffs on the wall with a lick of paint for an entirely refreshed space. 


2. Declutter and reorganise

Own any old clothes or unwanted belongings that are cluttering your bedroom? Now’s the time to clear them out. In doing so, Henry suggests sorting them out and separating items that you can donate or sell. ‘Take them to a local charity shop or list online using apps that have made this easier than ever before’. 

With the seasons changings, it’s also prime time to pack away your winter coats and clothes you won’t be wearing in the warmer months. Make sure everything is clean before vacuum packing in an airtight bag and into a plastic box with a lid. Though Henry states ‘You should only vacuum pack clothes that can be folded. It’s best not to vacuum pack delicate materials or clothes that are likely to crease.


3. Wash and change your bedding 

An essential part of your spring clean is to wash and change your bedding. Though, no need to overcomplicate this, Henry says to ‘strip the bed and launder as you usually would’, taking care with washing and drying according to label instructions. 

Changing your bedding for the spring also means swapping it out for a season-friendly set. This includes switching to a summer duvet. A low tog rating such as 4.5 TOG duvet will have a thin, lightweight feel for a sweat-free sleep. Choose cotton percale fabric, to keep you cool and compliment the season’s changeover with pastel coloured bedding like white, sage green or sky blue. 


4. How about your mattress?

The importance of cleaning your mattress can often be disregarded. Yet, as a breeding ground for dust, mites and germs, it goes without saying this step shouldn’t be missed. And not as laborious as you might assume, a mattress can be cleaned in just a few key stages. Once you have stripped your bedding, Henry suggests using the ‘upholstery attachment to your vacuum cleaner to vacuum any dust from your mattress, making sure to flip it over to clean both sides’. If there are any stains, spot clean them with an upholstery cleaning spray; directly spray the product, leave for a couple of minutes and blot with a dry cloth. 


5. Let in some air 

Henry states ‘having fresh air in your home is good for your health and happiness’. Yet it is especially important after using cleaning products in your home. ‘So crack open a window when you’re cleaning (and whenever you can once it’s warm enough!)’. 

*These tips were based on suggestions by Henry Paterson from HouseKeep, the UK’s leading home cleaning service.