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Why Striped Bedding is Our Favourite

Posted on February 21 2020

grey and white striped bedding set

Of all the patterns to choose from when deciding which bedding to buy, there’s one that stands as a firm favourite for most of us: stripes. From elegant hairline stripes to traditional regency stripes, there are many different striped patterns to choose from. Stripes are a classic trend that never fall out of fashion, making them ideal for duvet and pillow sets. Why? Below we list three great reasons why striped bedding is our favourite!

Striped Bedding Complements Every Style 

Whether your bedroom has been furnished and decorated to create a vintage, nautical, contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian or industrial style, striped bedding can be used to complement the look. It’s an extremely versatile pattern which can look great with a more muted interior design or a bolder, more striking look - the choice is yours.

Stripped Bedding Can Make a Statement

With an effortlessly classic design, stripped bedding can take centre stage in any bedroom. If you prefer to keep your walls and flooring bare, you can still make a statement with luxurious striped bedding. Although simple, the pattern exudes elegance; for this reason, it is also used to bring a touch of luxury to suits, ties and shirts.

Vertical Striped Bedding Creates The Illusion of Extra Space

It’s a well-known fact that wearing clothing patterned with vertical stripes can make you appear taller than you are, and a similar illusion can be achieved with striped bedding. The vertical stripes can create an elongating effect, making your bed appear larger than it actually is and making your room feel more spacious. If your bedroom is particularly small, create the illusion of grandeur with this simple trick.

For luxuriously soft striped bedding choose Beddable. Produced with the highest-quality cotton, our bedding has been crafted with uninterrupted sleep in mind. Opt between silky sateen or ultra-soft percale in a range of sophisticated shades, including Graphite Blue and Light Grey.

Striped Bedding Sets

We supply everything you need for a sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and recharged, including fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases. Ready to elevate your sleeping experience? Shop our range of luxury striped bedding online today.