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The Optimum Room Temperature for Quality Sleep

Posted on January 21 2019

The Optimum Room Temperature for Quality Sleep


Mercury falling: how a cooler bedroom helps you sleep.

Ever woken up at night with your feet and hands dangling out from under the duvet? That’s your body trying to cool itself down and give you a better night’s sleep. And it probably means you’ve got your thermostat set too high.

As the mercury plunges outside, you might think a toasty bedroom is the best way to guarantee a good night’s shut-eye. But in fact, turning up the temperature disrupts your body’s circadian rhythm, meaning you’ll find it harder to get to sleep. And, once you do, you’ll spend less time in the deep, stable slumber that your body and brain crave.

We’re biologically programmed to recognise night-time not just by the onset of darkness but also by a drop in temperature. Both contribute to the naturally-timed release of melatonin that signals to our brain that it’s time to sleep.

The optimum room temperature for quality sleep.

To nod off, your core body temperature needs to drop by at least 1°C (2-3°F). Scientists consider the optimum room temperature for most people to sleep to be around 16-18°C. That’s several degrees below the ambient temperature most of us maintain at home during the day.

Our hands, feet and head are best at radiating heat out. That’s why your limbs take on a life of their own and sneak from under the duvet if your bedroom is too hot. It’s also why a bath before bed helps you sleep: not because it warms you up, but because it draws blood to the surface of your skin and helps you shed heat. Splashing water on your hands and face before bed has the same effect.

Set your thermostat to wake up naturally.

If you struggle to get up in the cold and dark, changing your thermostat settings may help in the mornings too. Just as a drop in temperature helps you to drift off faster, so too a rise in temperature can help draw you out of your slumber. Try setting your thermostat to boost the temperature in your bedroom 15 or 20 minutes earlier in the mornings: we bet you’ll wake up naturally just before your alarm goes off.

Our 100% Cotton bedding is designed to help regulate your body temperature, a vital part of the formula for a regenerative night’s sleep. But your thermostat also has a major role to play. So, think about dropping the temperature a few degrees at night. Not only will it give you a better night’s sleep, it might just save you a few pennies on your heating bill too.

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