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How Often Should You Change Your Bedding?

Posted on November 05 2019

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With busy work schedules and hectic social lives, it’s not surprising that household chores can often fall by the wayside. After a long day in the office, often the last thing you want to do is pick up the vacuum or start wiping down surfaces.

But, there’s one household chore that many people postpone for much longer than they should - washing and changing their bedding. This is something everyone should prioritise when it comes to cleaning your home and putting personal hygiene first.

How often should you change your bedding and why is it so important?

How often should you change your bedding? 

According to microbiologist Laura Bowater, as reported on GoodtoKnow, it’s best to wash your bed sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers at 60 degrees on a weekly basis. 

For many people this may not seem realistic, especially when you’ve got a full-time job to uphold, relationships to maintain and a whole other list of responsibilities to contend with.

But, for the best night’s sleep possible, it’s worth changing your bedding at least once a fortnight. We recommend storing a selection of fresh bed sheets in your airing cupboard for this occasion. This will prevent you from becoming locked into a cycle of washing and drying your bedding on the same day.

It doesn’t stop there. Bowater also recommends steaming your mattress every six months. This is because many of the bacteria strains and dust mites that become trapped in your bed sheets can also become buried in the bed itself.

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Why is it so important to change your bedding?

One of the most important reasons to wash your bedding frequently is to get rid of any unpleasant bacteria or dust mites that you may be sharing your bed with.

Having dust mites in your bed isn’t just uncomfortable to think about - it’s also unhygienic. They may trigger bouts of coughing or even eczema, which is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs. 

As you toss and turn throughout the night, you also shed sweat and skin cells. Even if you shower every night before bed, you’ll still need to wash your bedding to get rid of any oils or dirt you leave behind as you sleep.

This is especially important during the summer or if you’re battling an illness, as you’re more likely to sweat and spread bacteria as you sleep. With this in mind, it’s essential to put your sheets in the wash following a period of sickness or hot weather.

Washing your bed sheets and pillowcases frequently is important for sleep that leaves you feeling revitalised and refreshed, as is finding luxury bedding produced with quality cotton. At Beddable, we’re proud to offer just that.

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