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Declutter for a Good Night’s Sleep

Posted on June 23 2020

Declutter for a Good Night’s Sleep

Struggling to sleep? Still tired when you wake up? Clutter in your bedroom could be part of the reason. A cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind; a source of stress which can lower the quality of your sleep.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got the perfect advice. We asked Kashi Shikunova, our friend from YAM Studios, for tips for a decluttered bedroom.​ ​Kashi ​is an interior design professional who creates beautiful minimalist spaces with her partner Liam Clifford.

Keep reading for some of Kashi’s great insights on decluttering for a good night’s sleep.

Decluttering essentially means reducing the number of items you have in your bedroom, and finding a good storage space for those you keep.

Things to Declutter:

Kashi says the key to decluttering is being critical about the items you own. Over time, we all purchase or inherit things without being mindful of their purpose or value to us. We need to keep asking ourselves whether those items are still useful or meaningful to us. If not, find them a new home. Charity shops are always a good idea. Donating gives you a sense of satisfaction and purpose. And letting go of items can give you a cathartic feeling - almost like shedding weight.


Only keep furniture that is useful to you. Every unused item is a source of distraction for the mind. Ensure every piece of furniture in the bedroom has its own space around it. This “negative space” adds balance to the room and lends each piece its own importance. Consider that space as the item’s home. This will also help you to appreciate every individual piece in your bedroom.

Conceal mirrors if possible. Put them inside wardrobes or in the hallway. Avoid unnecessarily large mirrors. Large reflections can be distracting.


Clothes should be the easiest items for us to declutter yet they’re the ones we delay the most. Start with clothing when you’re decluttering your bedroom. Getting your wardrobe in order will give you the greatest sense of satisfaction. Keep what you wear and need.

Donate what you no longer want. If you get to the end of the season and you realise there are items you haven’t worn, it’s time to find them a new home.

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Wall Art

Art stimulates the soul. But too much stimulation can be a bad thing. “Most of us think just because we have an empty wall, we need to fill it with something,” Kashi says. Have some art in the bedroom, but don’t feel the need to cover every wall. Subtle art pieces in neutral colors will be more calming. A single centrepiece can work well. Kashi likes textured paintings on canvas for a bedroom.

Bright colours can be distracting, which is not ideal in a bedroom, Kashi advises. Keep bright art pieces out of the bedroom as they can overstimulate your mind and make it more difficult for you to fall calmly to sleep.

Bedside Table

Devices like smartphones and tablets cluttering your bedside table may be hurting your sleep too. Their screens emit blue light which stimulates our brains and makes it difficult for us to fall asleep.

Unread books can similarly weigh on our minds. Books can inspire, motivate and enthuse, but that can also steal from the quality of our sleep as they encourage our imagination to remain active. Reading documents for work can also hinder sleep, causing anxiety about unfinished tasks and the day ahead.

Find an elegant box or container to hide this clutter. It will help turn your bedroom into a minimalist dream.

How to organise what remains?

Elevate your bedroom by making the best use of your storage space. Rather than having multiple small drawers and cabinets, Kashi suggests a single large closet to really organise your space. This will help you to store away more of your possessions out of sight, leaving you with a less cluttered sleeping space and freeing your mind.

A custom-built closet is life-time investment that will allow you to choose the balance between hanging space, drawers and shelves. If you have limited room, a bed with built-in storage can be a good space-saving option.

Don't go overboard.

Bedrooms are very personal spaces so it’s important not to be too extreme when you declutter. Taking too much away can leave a room feeling cold and clinical. Kashi suggests keeping pieces that are meaningful to you and that create joy in your life.

Have a plan when trying to organise a cluttered room. Don’t just dive in headfirst or you might quickly feel overwhelmed and find yourself procrastinating. Assign a different task for each day as this will help to encourage you to complete your tasks.

YAM Studios.

If you live in the United Kingdom and you’re planning an interior makeover, you might welcome a professional touch. Kashi and her team at YAM Studios ​specialize in contemporary residential interior design.
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Kashi ​and Liam create beautiful minimalist spaces.