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Line-dry Your Laundry This Summer

Posted on August 25 2021

bamboo loungewear, white pyjamas hanging outside on washing line to dry in the summer sun's heat

During the hottest months of the year, where unexpected rain is unlikely, hanging your washing outside should be taken full advantage of. Why wouldn't you want that outdoor freshness, wrinkle-free fabric and energy saving efficiency? Okay, a tumble dryer may be a quicker, less-hassle alternative, but the benefits of putting your laundry on the line are sure to outweigh the slight inconvenience. From bedding, to loungewear, to towels, we recommend making the most of rising temperatures and line-dry your laundry this summer.  

  • There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly washed bedding hung in a cool summer’s breeze. A natural freshness. Yet, there is a science behind the scent. When solar rays hit wet fabric, a photochemical reaction occurs, producing a range of aldehydes and ketones; organic compounds our nose associates with pleasant scents, like ‘clean cotton’ or ‘fresh linen’. 

    • Similarly, ultraviolet light from the sun kills germs and eliminates stubborn, unwanted odours. As a natural disinfectant, this proves functional for washing items such as bedding or towels that require a thorough, antibacterial clean. 

      • Washed cotton bedding in particular can sometimes be prone to wrinkling after wash. To avoid the unnecessary chore of ironing your duvet set, we advise to hang your sheets smooth and flat on the line. The weight of wet bedding means gravity will remove the wrinkles for you, keeping your sheets wrinkle-free and ready for use.

        • To extend the longevity of your garments, be gentle to quality fabrics. Natural fibres such as bamboo and 100% cotton especially need to be handled with care. Therefore line-drying our bamboo loungewear and 100% cotton bedding will help to prevent potential shrinking or wear and tear that occurs from excessive high heat used in a dyer. 

          • Line-drying is also an eco-friendly method that promotes energy conservation. Since the tumble dryer is the third-most energy consuming appliance in the UK, air-drying instead of tumble drying can reduce the average household’s carbon footprint. Hanging sustainable materials such as 100% cotton and bamboo, as used in beddable products, outside is an energy-efficient way to not only care for your fabrics but the environment too.