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Celebrate Sleep this Christmas

Posted on December 04 2019

Celebrate Sleep this Christmas

Celebrate Sleep this Christmas !

In his “rules of taste at Christmas”, design guru and culture critic Stephen Bayley helps us navigate the orgy of consumption that is the holiday season with some tips on tasteful gift buying.

His philosophy? Give something the receiver actually wants but might not purchase themselves. “Stuff too banal to buy, but richly improving existence nonetheless.” he writes.

His personal choices are socks, hankies and scents. But we like his thinking.

As you may have noticed, at beddable we love sleep and we know that better sleep improves life. Thus, we have created a gift list that celebrates sleep. See what's on our Christmas list ?


beddable Christmas List


bose sound cancelling headphones

BOSE Sleepbuds

We’re tempted by these nifty
BOSE noise-masking sleepbuds,
a rare example of technology more likely to
help than hinder our shut-eye.

philips dawn simulator

Philips Dawn Simulator

There are plenty of dawn simulators out there
to help wake you gently on winter mornings.
We swear by this Philips model,
which gradually fills the bedroom
with soft light.

beddable duvet set

beddable Duvet Set

What better way to richly improve the
existence of you and those you love than with
indulgent, and cosseting beddable duvet sets?
Snuggle under by the Christmas tree and
wrap yourselves in on cold winter nights.

afternoon tea at wolseley

Afternoon Tea at Wolseley

We tend to sleep better on a full stomach.
The promise of Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley
helps us get through those winter months.
Always a treat.


As we wrote in a previous blog, more sleep can radically enhance everything from your cognitive performance and mood to your immune system.

So why not treat yourself this festive season with a gift that improves your existence? Check out our duvets sets and bedspreads.

We deliver Christmas presents straight to your door. And if you’re struggling to keep your edges crisp and your corners sharp, we’ll even wrap them for you. (If you’d rather do it yourself, here’s a handy video from the Takashimaya department store in Tokyo on how to wrap like a pro.)

“The ordinary thing done extraordinarily well is a definition of excellence,” Bayley writes.

At beddable, that’s our philosophy too.


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